How to keep Hassio IOS app running, no matter what

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Hello there,

I am setting up the IOS official home assistant app for my friend. I granted all the authorization at the prompt when you first set up the app.

I would like to make sure the app is always running, even after a reboot of the iPhone and also make sure that the geo-tracking runs all the time.

I am more of a android user myself, can you guys help me find out how to go about making the ios app autostart and keep running in the background ?

Thanks !

make sure the option “Background App Refresh” is on for the app. Go to Settings > General > Background App Refresh, make sure it is on at the top, then scroll down and find the Home Assistant app and make sure the toggle is on. Other than that, no there’s no way to autostart an app on booting the device. Welcome to the Apple ecosystem. Also, it’s Home Assistant (more specifically Home Assistant Companion App for Apple), NOT Hassio iOS App. The name Hassio is dead.