How to keep history of Cresta sensors?

I have several Cresta temperature/humidity sensors in my home, which I integrate into HA with an Rfxtrx reciever.
Now I noticed that when I change the batteries of such a Cresta, it is seen in HA as a new device. (Probably because it generates a random ID at power-up).
Such a new device has of course no history.
I would like to know if there’s a way to keep the history, perhaps by transfering it from the original device, or by merging them?

It is some time ago that I did this, but I think you can replace the “old” device with the “new” device through the RFXTRX Integration. See: Replace device.
First ensure that you know the entity IDs of both the “old” and “new” device.
Then go to “Configuration → Integrations” and click on “CONFIGURE” of the RFXTRX Integration.
Then in the second listbox “Select device to configure” select the “new” device, and click “SUBMIT”.
Next in the “Select the device to replace” listbox select the “old” device and click SUBMIT” again, and then click “FINISH”.
I think that should do it for the sensor history.