How to keep hue devices automations and scenes when migrating to Zigbee from Hue Hub

I have a Phillips hue system set up with like 10 bulbs and 5 switches, and a bunch of automations and scenes set up with them. I want to migrate to my SONOFF Zigbee hub so it’s local but I’m worried about having to redo everything. How do I have everything stay the same when I migrate, do I have to set the entity id to the same thing or something? what about scenes? will they keep their colors?

I don’t have any other zigbee devices but I’d like to get some. I just don’t want to redo everything, what do I need to do, or do I just have to redo everything?

You’ll save yourself some trouble by changing the entity ids, but you’re moving to a new integration so you’ll probably find that a lot has to be rewritten.