How to keep/inherit data from changed temerature sensor RFLINK ID

Hello Community,

I’m new to home assistant and the forum.
I have succesfully installed home assistant (0.66.0.beta0) via a docker image.
And configured the RFlink gateway.
It is receiving from and sending to devices, it is working good.

I have a question adbout teparature sensors.
I bought a digital temerature sensor on aliexpress ( )
Rflink is receiving the data without any problems.
But when i change the battery’s the ID changes.
for example: from alectov4_57b8_temp to alectov4_5ec8_temp

Home assistant then creates a new device and the old one doesn’t get updated anymore.
My Question:
How do i modyfy the old (or new, i don’t know) entity in home assistant so that the original entity/device gets updated again and the historical data of the sensor/entity is saved?
I want to inherit old data so the history is available under the new sensorid/entity

PS I’m new to (this) forum so if i don’t follow protocol or rules let met know :slight_smile:

Kind Regards