How to know if a device has ESP 8266? Homologation codes?

I want to tasmotize a power outlet and I’m having issues on identifying if a specific product has ESP 8266 chip.
Usually in Brazil the products have printed on the box or in the manual a ANATEL homologation code that indicates the chip inside. (Anatel - Consulta de Produtos)

But this time I bougth this device and there is no ANATEL homologation code in the box/manual.
However there is another code that I think is an homologation code for other country (maybe Europe or US).
It says:
ETL (or maybe ETJ?) Intertek 5011576
Conforms to UL STD 60730-1
Certified to CSA STD E60730-1

The product is this one: Tomada Inteligente Wifi Jwcom Smart SA-202C-G Alexa E Google Home - SmartJWCOM
Is awfully similar to this one: templates (dot) blakadder (dot) com / SA-P202-C (couldn’t post the link)
But I want to make sure before opening it and ruining my chances to send it back in case it is not ESP8266…

Can anyone help me to figure it out?

I found the ETL Intertek database search, but the code 5011576 was not found…$$Search?OpenForm

It seams that it does not allow to seach for the ETL code…

searching on the internet I found a picture of another product that has the same intertek number:

This product also have a FCC ID: 2APD7-SA-P202.

Searching this FCC ID I found this:

The pictures are not very clear, but it does looks like a 8266 chip.

I will wait to see if anyone has more information, but I guess I will take my chances and disassemble it

I went ahead and disassembled it. It is a TYWE2S wich is tasmotable!

I will now proceed to flashing it.

How do you Will flash this module? Do you have some tutorial to share with us?

I’m from Brazil too, and have that “positivo casa inteligente” smart plug

can you provide the form of flahs these TYWE2S chips?