How to know the local fulfilment with Google assistant is working?

I’ve set up the Google assistant integration using the manual option. Everything works, but how do I actually know that the local fullfilment method is being used? I saw the link to debug local fullfilment but it’s just a wormhole of steps to know: does it work or not? Is there any quick way of just confirming it’s working? A log or whatever?

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I just went through all of the Google Assistant setup and would also like to know if I got the steps for Local Fulfillment correct.

I did find an analytics page with a few different dashboards showing fulfillment latency and such. There’s a page for Local Fulfillment - but at least for me, it’s empty. So I’m assuming that means my local fulfillment isn’t working? But - the latency for the fulfillments on the main page are only 250ms, which seems way too fast to be going over the cloud.

So long story short - I’d also like to know this!

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You answered my question even though you didn’t know you did. Check out my graph from that page. Note the stark change in average latency around the 19th? Also see the difference in color of the lines? The Teal colored is cloud and the blue is local. I am getting local fulfilment and I save about 1000ms.


Ahh, you’re right - If I would have just hovered over the graph it would have told me it’s cloud! But I guess if my fulfillment times are <300ms, I guess I can’t really complain too much - local fulfillment likely wouldn’t gain me any noticable speed increase.

Those look amazing. I get 500ms with local and 1500ms via cloud so you are doing great. Makes me wonder why you are doing so great. Guess is you are in America and have the data centers way closer. I’m in Sweden.