How to know what controller some random bulbs use without opening them?

I’ve got 3-4 different types of Tuya bulbs that I got on Ali Express.
I might be dreaming, but I’d like to try tuya convert or cloudcutter to get them running esphome.
To build an esphome firmware for them though, I think I’d need to know the controller they’re using?
Is there any way to find that without opening them all?

Thanks. I mean the chip controlling the show, the microcontroller.
My existing esphome devices all have (need?) something like:

  board: esp01_1m


  board: cb3s

If tuya convert or cloudcutter will let me get any other firmware onto them, I guess I’d need to know the microcontroller/chip/board to set in the devices yaml to build esphome firmware?
I’m hoping to find a way to determine what that should be, without physically opening one of each type I have if pos

Sorry. I misread the question. But, basically, I can’t help you. I have only had one device that used a Tuya chip, and I replaced it with an ESP12 module.

I hope the lights were real cheap.

These links might help:
Tuya Convert
Installing Tasmota over-the-air with Tuya-Convert (YouTube)

They were, the very cheapest I could find as I bought them!
They work a treat using tuya local, but I’d like to move away from using either tuya local or local tuya if possible.
I’ve got 3-4 of 3-4 different batches I bought. Theyre all very generic looking with few if any identifying markings (so google can’t help).
They’re unlikely to come apart nicely, I’m just hoping to avoid wrecking one of each type.
If tuya convert or cloudcutter can flash them, it’d suck to get esphome on them but the wrong board set and kill them

If you have a way to flash a binary file to them by OTA, try using this board in your configuration file:

  board: cb3s

I was under the impression that each board: is at least range specific… Is bk72xx/cb3s somehow more generic/universal than that?

Check the mac address, tuya for beken and espressif for esp.
If those purchase are recent, they’re likely on beken.

And to verify if it’s T or N chip, i would compare the tuya firmware version with existing profile.
Use that device profile with same version number then start cloudcut only. If you use N profile and you get the A-xx prefix then you can proceed to flash with N firmware.
Unless it’s patched, you’re gonna have to open it up.

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Good idea with the MAC, thanks.
I cant get tuya convert or cloudcutter to talk to any of them though, so aren’t getting as far as needing to build an esphome binary.
Looks like it’s down to opening them or replacing them.

Guess I shouldn’t have jumped ahead.

Forget about Tuya convert. Even before manufacturers switched to Beken chips, it was mostly patched out by Tuya themselves. Most of the code is from 5 years ago, and even the latest commit is 3 years old.

At this point, your best bet is to pray that your bulbs use a Beken chip, because I don’t believe cloudcutter works with ESP chips.

Shouldn’t be a problem to remove the top plastic, but for the bottom screw base you should use one of this

Screw the bulb in halfway, tilt the bulb left and right and it should just pop open easily