How to log and track high temperatures?

Hi everyone, I don’t know if this is the most appropriate place but I’m sure the big community of HomeAssistant will found a solution to my problem.
I need to track 5 motors and log every minute their temperature as soon as they trespass a temperature threshold, then save values every minute on a .csv file or similar.
I was looking for a Shelly Addon Plus + a temperature sensor but I can only find sensors rated up to 100°C while I need at least 200°C.
I read about thermo couples but I really can’t understand how to connect them to HomeAssistant in any way so I’m open to any suggestion.
In reality I do not really need to pass through HomeAssistant so if you know any other solution that would be still really helpful

That Shelly product, is that just an overpriced ESP?
Never seen that before.

Anyways, perhaps this is too low tech but an inkbird ibt-6xs has six probes and can measure up to 300 degrees Celsius.
It communicates over Bluetooth and has native integration.

The logging part, you could use the Google sheets integration, it will probably be much easier to set up than a csv logging.

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