How to make a mobile home assistant connect to different WiFis?

Hi Everyone

Is there a way to have multiple wifi credentials for home assistant to connect to whatever network is available?

I know this is possible for ESP-home, as I have done it so. But what about the device with home assistant itself?

This is because I have a home assistant installation running on rpi3 in our campervan. When we are on the road the HA installation connects to our mobile wireless AP, when its on. However, when we are at home, I’d like it to connect to our home wifi. Also, it happens that the mobile AP is not working, then I’d like it to connect to a phone AP instead.

I think that is quite a reasonable use case for a mobile HomeAssistant. Also, I have already, thank you forum, made this work for the ESP-home device of the same installation…

Thank you for your help.

HA stores past WiFi credentials. I know this because I also have it in our trailer; while it’s normally connected via Ethernet to our router when we go on long trips, I also have it setup to connect to our home WiFi or my wife’s parent’s WiFi when we head there (and it USUALLY does so on it’s own without any issues).