How to make a "snooze" like automation for reminding when the washing machine is done?

I have recently created one of my first automations.
The dryer is plugged into a Tuya Energy Meter plug so I have the power draw in HA.
To remind me when the dryer is done, so I can take the clothes out before they wrinkle, I did the following:

  • Made a “helper” text called “Dryer State”.
  • Automation 1: If power > 10W for 30s and DryerState==Done, change the text helper to “Running”.
  • Automation 2: If power < 10W for 30s and DryerState==Running, change the text helper to “Done” and send a notification to my Android phone.

After tweaking the values a bit to avoid false positives, this works like a charm. Very happy.

What I would like now, is for the notifications to keep coming every 5min until I confirmed I took the clothes out. So if I miss the notification, or ignore it because I’m busy at that moment, I get reminded again in 5min. I thought I could do this in 2 ways:

  1. Use the “actionable notification” with a “I took out the clothes” button that changes the text helper from “Done” to “ReallyDone”.
  2. Make a separate button in Lovelace that does the same thing.

I think I could manage that. But how would I make the mechanism that sends me a new notification every 5min until I click the “I took out the clothes” button or notification action?
I was thinking of starting some kind of timer when the machine is Done, and when the timer reaches 5min, send a new notification and reset the timer. Could someone point me in the right way to do this?

Thanks a bunch!

Maybe alert-integration can help you: