How to make entity not clickable in Lovelace?


There is any way in order to make an enitity not clickable, if is not a button? I have some sensors, some buttons, and when you click the sensors, the settings will show up… I want to disable this features, any idea?

But not something to add for each entity, like

  action: none

Something for the entire card

Thank you in advance!

Nope, you have to do

  action: none

For “entities” card it is ok, but how can I do this for “entity” card?

you cannot

EDIT: You can do it with card mod

How? I tried something but didn’t worked… :frowning:

what did you try with card-mod?

I done it with
ha-card{pointer-events: none;}

This is the only thing that worked in my case:

action: fire-dom-event
  command: popup
  title: Media Controls
    .: |
      :host .main-title {
        pointer-events: none;

This is a popup called from a ‘custom:button-card’. The title bar would expand when clicked and it didn’t look right. This makes it so that the title bar is not clickable.


PS: sorry if this is not completely related or necessary, but I couldn’t find too many posts on this.
Thought it could be useful for someone else.