How to make Frigate accessible for other HA instance on LAN?


I currently have 2 HA instances say ha-main.local and ha-camera.local

I set up the Frigate add-on and integration in ha-camera.local
The entities work perfectly with http://ccab4aaf-frigate:5000/

Then I try to make it sharable with ha-main.local
I installed Frigate Proxy add-on in ha-camera.local and set http://ccab4aaf-frigate:5000 as the server in config.

When I enter http://ha-cam.local:5000/api/stats in browser, it shows 403 Forbidden from nginx.
There are error lines in the Frigate Proxy add-on log: access forbidden by rule, client:, server: ccab4aaf-frigate-proxy, request: "GET /api/stats HTTP/1.1", host: "ha-cam.local:5000"

How could I update the rule so that ha-main.local and other devices on LAN could access the Frigate data?


Pretty sure you need to set the external port in the Frigate configuration and use that port and the host HA IP for the second instance.

Thanks for reply!
How could I set the external port for Frigate installed with HA add-on?

It’s in the configuration tab for the add-on.

Thanks a lot! It works for me.
I set both 5000 and 1935 as they are required by Frigate integration.

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