How to make Google Home ask you something when condition?


Can someone please tell me how to achieve something like this? I want for google home to ask me if I want to turn on the TV, when the motion sensor from my bedroom it is triggered… If I say Yes, turn it on, if No, no… If no (yes/no) answer, do nothing… I searched on google but no result till now…

Thank you in advance!


I’d be very surprised if this was possible. Normally communication to these virtual assistances is one-way from Home Assistant.

Not sure if this will work but it’s doing the job with a “cheat”.

Motion sensor triggers a TTS message “do you want to turn on TV”.

Sadly… You have to reply “hey google, yes please”

Have a routine in Google Home that reacts to “yes please” to set a boolean in HA to on/true.

In HA automation to turn on TV and turn off boolean.


I have not managed to integrate it myself, but there is a google integration where you can send actions to google.
Perhaps that integration could send “hey google” after the TTS?

GitHub - Apipa169/Assistant-Relay-for-Hassio: Send commands (including broadcasts) to the Google Assistant via Home Assistant

I can achieve this with tasker/autovoice but there are too many steps. When you must perform too many steps for back and forward, one little error can break the chain.

Now, with tasker and autovoice, I can send messages to google home, like… when a motion sensor is triggered, send a command to tasker, tasker will send a command to google home, which tells autovoice to ask me something, then I answer and autovoice from tasker will do the action. I just want to avoid this back and forward with tasker, I want to use only home assistant.

Hmmmm, interesting… I just used for TTS, not for sending commands, but I will try to see if is working

I manage to use this assistant relay, but it is all about broadcasting and sending commands to google home, not making google home to ask me questions :frowning: I am still searching a way

Till now, the only way to do this, is to send a command to google home, using autovoice also, lie: say to autovoice to turn on my tv. Than I will make autovoice to put my a question (yes/no), and thats it… But I don’t really like the autovoice voice :smiley: Google home is better

Seems that it is possible :smiley:

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I tried, but when you send a command to google, it is not listening after… this is my problem, If I manage to do it, I will came back with the solution


Has this functionality been added? Sorry for pulling out such a dated thread but it’s the best I could find.

I haven’t seen this before but it does work.
This part is important

It will not listen, but you need to wake it and then respond.

Theoretically you can invoke a custom action created on Google Home platform. Then you can ask a question and send back the response to HA (api?). I also need this, next weeks I’ll do some investigations and let you know

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