How to make multiple instances of a Telegram Bot?

I’m making a telegram bot but it needs to be run into different computers but every time when the main code is run by two different computers, it shows an error that only one instance of the bot should be running. Is there any way to make sure this bot runs from different computers?


When you say “two different computers” do you mean two separate instances of Home Assistant?

You will probably have to create two bots. One for each Home Assistant instance.

I am using HA on RPi and on VmWare with the same Telegram bot.
Using different chats dedicated for different tasks (air, vacuum, speedtest etc).

I do not observe any loss of data (may be because I see a message at least once).
Surely there are errors (or warnings? I forgot) in Log.
It is a good idea to have TWO different sets of “bot + chats” for different HA instances.
I am just a bit busy for doing it…