How to make my central heating smart?

I am looking for ways to make our central heating system (gas boiler) Remeha Calenta with Remeha QSense thermostaat smart so we can control it from HA.

I was looking for buying a smart thermostat but so many to choose from and expensive too.
Then i found options to make something kind of yourself like the Opentherm Gateway (OTGW) thats affordable but very complicated.

I have a wpa2-enterprise (peap) wireless netwerk does the NodeMCU work with that? Or maybe is there a zigbee option to connect OTGW to HA? since i also have a Philips HUE bridge on my network and connected to HA.

I would prefer a gateway so we could also use the original thermostat and also control the heating from HA.

I searched for days about this subject but no direction yet how to get this to work.

Has anybody some insight or tips?

Hi I use (and have done done last few years) 6 or 7 xiaomi zigbee temp sensors, used with HA climate integration to control a £5 sonoff basic (tasmota flashed) switches the “call for heat” supply to boiler (assuming yours is main voltage), works great. each room just has TRV balanced for the correct temp, (have plan to have zigbee TRV’s but not got round to it yet) Ha dose all the fancy geofencing and you can add all the conditions you want.

Hi @cooper I have several philips hue indoor and outdoor temp sensors those are zigbee and hooked up to HA. What i am looking for is not regulate temperature in every separate room but a opentherm gateway to put between my gas central heating / burner / boiler.

I read several options like the “Opentherm Gateway” with NodeMCU d1 mini to connect to wifi network. That would be a great solution but i don’t have a wpa2-psk wifi but instead i have wpa2-enterprise (peap). I am not sure of de nodemcu d1 mini can connect to that.

Or maybe there is a plug and play opentherm gateway i can buy to connect between my kettle and thermostat. that can connect to my wpa2-enterprise wifi or my HUE bridge (zigbee) and can be controlled by HA.

Have you checked how much often your boiler is triggered comparing to times without such automation?

I’m slowly preping for automated heating. But have hard times to decide for heating automation controlled either by ha itself, or by some dedicated devices (aka electronic thermostats) which will communicate with ha in order to change heating plan etc.
I suspect those thermostats are somewhat optimized for optimal usage of boiler (but can be wrong)
Another thing is that I don’t know if such thermostats with no cloud prerequisite exist

my mistake i thought it was just for heating controls. hadn’t heard of opentherm en-till now. :slight_smile:

@cooper no problem Ben i am learning about all this now too since i discovered HA.

@maxym oh yes good point i don’t want no cloud either. i look at many many things but i don’t know what to buy or build. I mailed several vendors if they have to product i’m looking for but no reaction. i don’t know what is best or whats working. Like you said its hard to figure everything out. I read HA controlled seems to work also very well even better of you have a outdoor temperature sensor for the kettle to use.

I have a outside sensor just need a opentherm gateway between my thermostat and kettle so i can control that gateway with HA. I am thinking of this but i need to know if it can connect with my wpa2-enterprise wifi network.