How to make my custom card wider in the lovelace?


I have created an apexcharts-card to my liking. The only thing that bothers me is that is only the default card size. I would like it to be wider than that. Maybe twice the width but full page wideness would be fine as well.

I found some hints about vertical stacks on here but I cannot make it work. I always end up with indentation errors or it won’t load.

Can you help me make my card wider? Here is my working Yaml code for the “small” card:

type: vertical-stack
panel: true
  - type: custom:apexcharts-card
    graph_span: 30 days
      show: true
      title: Stromerzeugung 30 Tage
      show_states: true
      colorize_states: true
      - entity: sensor.helper_solar_production_daily
        type: column
          func: max
          duration: 1day
        float_precision: 1
          datalabels: true

thanks a lot.

Perhaps try using this:

You can also change the view type to “sidebar”. This gives one wide column and one skinny one:

I haven’t tried the sidebar option. Can you select which side is wide vs skinny?

Nope, wide is always on the left. All you can do is move the cards from one to the other.