How to make node-red-contrib-home-assistant-websocket persistent

I am new to HASS.

Trying to work out how to either stop or auto re-install the node-red-contrib-home-assistant-websocket module in Node Red.

I have HASS installed in a VM and it has installed NR MQTT zigbee2MQTT - all work great until HAS is rebooted, which is quite often when running up new integrations :slight_smile:

The last 4 times I have added an integration over the last 2 days the node-red-contrib-home-assistant-websocket has been uninstalled from Node Red.

Is there a way, or something I should be doing to keep this module between reboots?

All other modules remain intact and work after a reboot.

Is there a way to automate the re-install of the node-red-contrib-home-assistant-websocket module after reboot ?

Any suggestions, thoughts - I can’t imagine this is how it is designed, would appreciate any help.


If you are using Node-RED as an addon, don’t update the websocket nodes - the latest versions require Node-RED v3.1.1

There are possible temporary fixes if you read the full post.

Thank you so much for posting - much appreciated.

I am trying to keep vanilla as much as possible, the Node Red is the Node Red that HASS installed, it is v3.1.0

HASS installed node-red-contrib-home-assistant-websocket v0.62.2.

Which is why I appear to be having these issues.

I’ll read the full post - but worrying that the default install loads incompatible add ons, kinda hard on new users :frowning: