How to make picture-elements grayscale based on light entity, but tapable

I’m trying to do a picture-glance (or picture-elements) card for my rooms that behaves like the picture-entity card, which shows grayscale if the light in the room is off. I want to have the temperature state/value in the image and if I touch the image, I want the light to turn off.

I don’t seem to be able to make the image itself go grayscale based on the light entity.

This is my basic card

      - entity: light.bedroom
        image: /local/Bedroom.png
          action: toggle
        show_name: false
        show_state: false
        type: picture-entity

but ideally I want the temperature value to be displayed in the image top/left (so requiring a picture-elements card) but the image to be grayscale and the light toggle on picture tap.

I just can’t figure it out after an hour of trial and error…