How to make SkyConnect find my lamps?

“Searching for Zigbee devices…”

I thought it was going to be straight forward, but I was a bit too optimistic.

I have dozens of lamps in my house, all working perfectly fine through the Hue bridge (well, Philips’ definition of perfectly fine) and the SkyConnect sees exactly none of them. I guess as soon as I figure what it requires me to do, I can gradually move my zigbee network over to HA.

One lamp in particular I would expect it to find, because it is a mere 60cm away from the SkyConnect stick.

It also says “Make sure your devices are in pairing mode” which is strange to me, because lamps do not have something like that, afaik. Could this web interface not be a little bit more on the descriptive side, like explain what to do for some of the most popular devices?

For now though, I just need some help getting this lamp to work. Once done, I can validate if HA has been the right choice for my lighting.

So TLDR: what should I do?

EDIT: just checked, it’s on the correct channel. I thought it would auto-detect the channel or something, but it’s actually just on the correct one. Channel 20, if you must know.

Have you deleted it from the Hue app? When you do it should go into pairing mode.

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That was it. At least for one of the lamps. It’s a bit of a bummer, tbh, because it means it’s a more-or-less permanent action. Deleting them from the Hue bridge means they are gone from it, so I am going to have to be very certain about going all the way with HA.

Kinda makes sense that a lamp can only connect with one bridge at a time, but still a letdown (from the zigbee protocol that is).

It would be nice if the “looking for devices” screen could be slightly more helpful.

Suggest you read and try to follow ZHA integration which should hopefully cover all basic functionality:

If something is missing from those documentations (which I am sure there is) then post feedback here:

Yes any Zigbee device can only be connected to a single Zigbee Coordinator/Network, and a Zigbee Gateway can only have a single Zigbee Coordinator/Network, those are limitations in the Zigbee specs.

Also note that if you forget to remove a lightbulb device from the Philips Hue Bridge/App the proper way then you will manufacture force a factory reset to put it into pairning/joining mode, see → Zigbee Home Automation - Home Assistant

Regardless, highly recommend you also read these to get a better understanding of how Zigbee works: