How to make this button smart?


I have this push button :

I would like you have access to this button via HA.

I thought to use a shelly for this, but it’s only 6.3V.

Any suggestions what I could use instead ?

Is this a double switch?

You could use a relay/optocoupler (or two) and an ESP.
That way the button will still function but you have smart access also.

It’s just one push button :

I never did any DIY stuff… Could you give me the links to this stuff ?

Is the Aqara Single Switch Module 1 not a solution too ?

Do you have a multimeter?

What happens when you press the button, does it stay “on” or is it momentary?

No, I don’t (maybe my neighbour, but he is not home yet).

There is a light going on in the button itself…

Oh, and it’s momentary…so if you leave the button, it stops.

So how do you want it to work as a smart button?
Toggle or momentary?

You will need to figure out how the four wires connect.
Most likely the upper two and lower two are the closed when you press but you need to figure this out with a multimeter.

OK, I will do that and recontact you if necessary.