How to make traditional switches, sockets etc "smart"

Howdy Folks,

so I, like many others, have a nice switch and sockets series, used all throughout our home. Design stuff, back in the days very expensive, and indeed very good quality, as I can confirm now that they are almost 45 years in service, and only sockets with bad and overloaded plugs have sofare been damanged and replaced.

I dont want to go down the road changeing one switch and socket at a time to smart things with ugly designs and probably cheap ingredients, and all 2 years down the road the manufactuerre goes out and I would need to further use an other style.

Also I have tried other series and manufactureres in the past 25 years, including some chinese smart stuff recently, but then reequiped the experimental roomes and flats later with the tired, proven and beloved Berker MB stuff (mostly because when I needed it, I could not finde good used stuff right away and the MB series is long since out of sale).

My question is: how do I make em smart but keep my design?

We have deep boxes behind everything, and I am not one bit hesitant to just make em even deepter into the wall, if I need the space. We got no wall under 36cm (thats about 14 bananas), theres room to spare if need be.

What I have done so far:
For my roller shutters and awnings, I use the taditional cover switches hooked to sonoff dual R3. (I have a dedicated WiFi for all the SmartHome wifi stuff and would like to stay wifi and tasmota only). That works just awesome. They move all them selves, but I can easyly take over the control with the manual switch or by (still FHEM) automation interface or even tasmota web UI.

So for my question: I have further projects:

Now I want something similar for my sockets, but only the ones I want to monitor and automate. So I searched but mainly just found the Sonoff Mini R3, but I would like to have it with metering, and as far as I see, the miniR3 cant do that? So what else fits the bill?

And I need several dimmer to replace my old dimmers, recommendations? Should look like a classic dimmer, fit a classic dimmer installation spot, but should be wifi smart

And I would need something to put behind the switches, I thought of using one dualR3 for two switches, or have you guys n galls other recommendations for that? I want the classic switch input an smart switch, so I could just controlem manually as well as with the automation. Maybe need to change to impuls switches there, but I got such flush mounted units that fit my berker desing sutff.

Im sure I am not the only onw with this issue, so how do you do it?


Shelly makes a lot of devices that do what you want.

I used a Shelly 1PM to monitor and control an existing outlet to restrict when my dishwasher can be operated because power is expensive during some hours.

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