How to manage power devices -

I need some help as I do not know how to start:

  1. I have several high power devices (dishwasher, oven, etc…)
  2. I’ve put a power meter on each of them and I can read it
  3. I have a meter on the total power consumed from the house
    what to achieve:
  4. if the total power is above a treshold
  5. then if any of the power devices is powered on → check which are on and power off in a defined sequence (i.e. oven is after dishwasher or the food will be ruined :slight_smile: )
  6. if power goes below the treshold and after a time the power devices switched off should go on again OR if after the time the power is still too high I have to wait more

any suggestion?
anyone has already done it?

Is a very green appication to save power :slight_smile:

As you can immagine I have to avoid to flip flop the power devices on/off/on continuously as they will be damaged

Am I the first one to try to do this?

That doesn’t seem very practical, or useful (given the appliances you used as an example). If the oven is drawing power it means you’re in the middle of cooking something; if the dishwasher is drawing power it’s in the middle of a cycle. Why would you want to turn any of these things off when they’re in the middle of just doing what they’re designed to do?

because what happens is that my wife will power on everything and then when their power drain surges the global switch will disconnect.
The switch is outside, in the street… usually this happens at night, when it rains or snow and there are -5°C…

An when that happens all the appliances and devices are abruptly switched off, clocks and alarms has to be reset etc…

so… I prefer to do it myself on specified devices, in the correct order, then to have it random (and by murphy’s law always when the impact is the worst!) and saving others