How to manage z-wave devices


I am new to home assistant but have used openHAB for several years and looking into to replace openHAB with Home Assistant.
I like the config file approach due to backup reasons.

I have created the SD card, booted and made the initial config by adding:

  name: Home
  time_zone: Europe/Stockholm
  unit_system: metric
  temperature_unit: C
  latitude: 5*.***300
  longitude: 1*.***932
  elevation: 69

  usb_path: /dev/ttyACM0

After restart the z-wave devices being discovered

Is the best way forward to configure the devices with:
device_config: !include zwave_device_config.yaml on zwave object?

Anything important of Do or Don’t ?

What kind of “configuring the devices” do you want to do?

To start with to add logical names to them; to be used in automations/scenes and then also to send MQTT events when status changes and/or sensor values.

I might be stuck in openHAB thinking but appreciate any ideas/comments :slight_smile:

To change the entity id or friendly name go to the configuration->entities page and you can modify those things from there.

I assume your node names are ok in the z wave system portion?

So if I understand you correctly, there it is not possible to set the friendly name in a config file like:

  entity_id: sensor.telldus_tzwp_102_plug_in_switch_current
  name: Something.More.Useful

For this example:


You can do it either way.

The first way is using the “customize:” section of your configuration.

But it’s just as easy to do it thru the UI as in your screen shot.

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