How to manually adjust room temperature

Hi all,

In my living room, I have several radiators equipped with Devolo smart valves. Currently, the room target temperature is adjusted automatically based on presence, time of day, and door/windows status. This all works great! But my wife would like to be able to manually adjust the temperature in the room. You could of course do it on the valves, but then you risk that one radiator is set to 22 degrees and the others are set to 25 degrees.
I’m searching for a device with 2 buttons, one for increasing the temperature 1 degree, and one decreasing the temperature 1 degree, and a display to show the target temperature. Does this exist? I prefer that it is battery powered and using Z-wave to communicate with HA. As cheap and simple as possible.

I typically adjust the temperature from the web interface, but that is not suitable for my wife.

Easy to do on an esp with esphome, but it won’t be zwave.

A google search for “zwave remote control” reveals many options.