How to map cover position to images in picture-entity card?


So I have a nice set of images that each corresponds to 10% of the position range of the cover.

However, I only managed to map the state (Closed, Opening, Open and Closing) to picture-entity card.

type: picture-entity
entity: input_boolean.testboolean
image: /local/window_shutter_0.png
  'open': /local/window_shutter_0.png
  'opening': /local/window_shutter_9.png
  'closed': /local/window_shutter_9.png
  'closing': /local/window_shutter_9.png

Is there a way to map cover position into like 10 images?
I read somewhere that most of built-in cards don’t support templating?

I did it with a template sensor, it’s state being open, closed, 25, 50 or 75 and used that in the state image part

I have a number of devices I’d like to add animations to.
Surely there’s got to a be a way, or a card, that can animate images according to some lambda function?

Now I think about it I think I saw an animated blind card once, have a search on HACS maybe

See here, seems I used it once…

Funny name :wink: I tried that card, and it is kind of useful for covers. Then again, it looks funny when used on property or garage doors.

Anyway, I would also like to represent state / progress / level / … of items like water level in the tank, timed water pump, house ventilation …

Seems to me this is such a basic functionality - having a card that can display image depending on a template.

Maybe using

would be a way to go?