How to merge several Google calendars for a given day?

I am considering moving from my own dashboard to a Lovelace one - to use as the “family dashboard” that is displayed in the living room and without which everyone would be lost.

One of the features of my dashboard is that it lists the contents of all calendars for today and for tomorrow, ordered by time (the source of a given entry is not visible, we do not have that complicated schedules, so everyone is mixed together).

I connected my Google Calendar to HA and I have access to all the relevant calendars I want to display. So far I have

Question 1: is there a way to merge all calendar entries so that I can filter by day and have everyone’s events for that day in one place?

Question 2: is there a card that would allow displaying the calendar in a flexible (configurable) way, similar to what’s below (this is what my calendar displays - a simple list with clear hours)

Worst case I will look at building my own card but as usual, I prefer to ask before reinventing the wheel :slight_smile:

For the merge, i did the following:
We do share the calendars on Google itself, that is step 1. Make sure, you both can see each others calendars in Google.

And then dive in to this, a fabulous tool :wink:

As result I have this now, where all shared calendars are displayed, each person has different color and national anniversaries are displayed too.

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Thank you! It indeed looks neat!

I think I will dig into the code to see how I can change some entries (to make them more visible, maybe), but this is very close to what I was looking for. Thanks again!

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Colors are fully customizable, you will find a way to make it looking as you desire :wink: