How to Migrate Radios for Zigbee/ZHA and Zwave JS?

Hi, I current have a HUSBZB-1 (combo) stick for my Zigbee and Zwave networks…

I am wanting to change out this radio, to a Sonoff Zigbee-P, and a Zooz 700 Zwave plus.

I only have about 6 Zigbee devices, and 4 Zwave devices. But I already have about 15 automations using these devices and my other smart home devices (Lutron, Hue, etc).

How can I change out the radios with minimal effort and risk?

I see an option on Zigbee/ZHA to backup your configuratation and Migrate Radio. Has anyone tried this?

But I do NOT see any way to do the same for Zwave-JS.

Suggestions, highly recommended.

I am running HA dedicated on an Intel NUC (no proxmox, or VM or containers).