How to migrate to ESPHome add-on?

From release notes 2022.4:

The ESPHome Home Assistant addon repository is added by default to new Home Assistant installations. Because of this, we have decided that we would deprecate the ESPHome addon inside the Community Addons and everyone should move to the ESPHome repo. It is safe to delete the Community ESPHome addon as your configuration YAML files are stored in the Home Assistant configuration folder.

After my disastrous migration to Z-Wave JS trying to follow the instructions I just want to double-check how to avoid potential problems migrating to ESPHome add-on from the ESPHome Integration. I am currently using ESPHome 2022.3.1 on HAOS 7.6 with HA 2022.4.6.

Anyone done this and what steps do I need to perform?

No migration required.

Deleting the addon will not affect your files or integrations.

You can add the addon from the official repository and it will use your exiting device config files.

OK, so I don’t have to perform the steps in any particular order? (or, now on re-read - should I first delete and then add?)

…and then the question is - how do I delete the old one under Configuration → Devices and Services → Integrations? Should I delete all devices one-by-one? What happens to my automations that are using entities from these devices?
Sorry for being a n00b


Change the addon not the integration.

The addon you use to create ESPHome devices is the only thing that has moved.

Leave the integration alone.

OK, now I understand. I guess my understanding of Integration vs. Add-on is not 100%.
All set and all devices updated to latest esphome fw.

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Is this the link to add to the supervisor?? I am getting a Invalid Add-on repository! error message.

According to the docs this is the correct link:

and I paste that link in supervisor add-on store ??


Strange. I add this link

and it produce this link.



Like @msa, it took me the better part of two days to recover from the Z-Wave migration. I only have 5 Z-wave devices, but I have 30 ESPHome devices. so picture me as concerned.

Do I simply delete the add-on:

Then perform the update:

And all of my ESPHome devices should work exactly as before?

It has nothing to do with core updates. It has to do with the Community Add-on repository depreciating the ESPHome add-on.

Which ESPHome repository are you using?

If you are already using the official ESPHome add-on repository, instead of the Community Add-ons repository you don’t have to do anything.

If you are using the Community Add-ons repository for the ESPHome add-on you need to stop and delete the ESPHome addon, then add the official ESPHome repository and add and start the ESPHome addon again.

This should have no effect on your ESPHome integrations. Worst case, if something goes wrong, you just wont be able to use the ESPHome add-on to manage your devices (OTA updates, add new devices etc…) until you fix it. During this down time the ESPHome integrations will continue to function normally as they are independent of the add-on and communicate directly with the ESP devices.

How would I determine this?

Look at the Add-on store (button bottom right). Find the ESPHome Add-on you have installed. It will be highlighted with a bar across the top (red in my theme):

Screenshot 2022-04-25 at 23-59-33 Home Assistant

The title above that group of add-ons is the repository you installed it from. In my case, the official ESPHome add-on repository.

Thanks for the reply.
So, I don’t need to do anything?


If I click on the installed ESPHome in configuration/add-ons, I get:

Current version: 2022.4.0

Impossible to say. Your screenshot does not contain any of the information I talked about.

Does this tell anything?

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You have the add-on installed from the official ESPHome repository. You don’t have to do anything.