How to modify core integration for testing

I’m trying to troubleshoot core integration. In this case LCN.

I’m able to use it’s dependencies locally:

I’d like to try out my changes directly in HA.

And here’s the problem. I’ve got no idea how I can override python dependencies which I assume are installed together with integration in HAOS.

I’ve tried making custom_components directory with no luck… HA says it’s custom integration however, official python module remains in use. is the one I want to use modified

You will find this very challenging in HAOS.

Whilst you can amend the code as you have and that will work, you will get a dependancy conflict on the pypck library if you try and change its version.

You can hack this by setting up shell access to your HA instance and change the manifest file of the core lcn component and its entry in requirements_all.txt

Much better to create yourself a dev environment and do it this way, especially if you plan to issue a PR for your changes.

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Hey, thank you very much! I was able to edit python modul on the file system and within container.

Somehow, I was struggling with generating proper keys using putty so I used ssh-keygen in my linux machine.