How to modify core integration

I’d like to make some improvements to an integration which is part of core (IotaWatt). Looking for advice on the best way to setup my environment for this. What I’ve done so far:

  1. Fork home-assistant/core
  2. Modify this component inside, change the domain to iotawatt_custom in manifest.json and
  3. Add a version number in manifest.json
  4. Copy my changes into my running HAOS under custom_components/iotawatt_custom
  5. At this point, trying to add the integration fails with error: " Config flow could not be loaded (invalid handler specified)"
  6. To address that I ran python3 -m script.hassfest inside the homeassistant Docker container. That required installing 2 modules with pip (black and stdlib_list). Finally, the output of that script command is “Run from Home Assistant root”.
  7. At this point it works, I am able to disable the original integration and add the custom one from the UI. I’m just wondering if this is the right way to do things.
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Don’t rename it. See if that works. Renaming it is unnecessary. Custom Components overrides core components by default n

hello, i want to override components in core but can not work, for example, upnp,there are my steps:

  1. create folder,custom_components/upnp
  2. copy the files in this folder
  3. change the python code
  4. resart haos
    unfortunately,i can not implement the changes
    which step i did wrong or which step i loose?should i add some lines in configuration.yaml?

find the reason…i should change the right version ha core python code