How to modify Time and Date settings using Modbus

I’ve experimenting with access to my Solis S5-EH1P3.6K inverter using a Modbus Dual Master box connected to an Elfin EW11A Modbus to TCP converter. I can send and receive data from the inverter using the Modbus protocols and I can get the date and time setting from the inverter with this Modbus TCP message.

  • id- -zz- -mlen- -unit- -func- -addr- -#Reg’rs to read|
    00 99 00 00 00 06 01 04 80 FE 00 06|

What I’m missing is the information to set the data and time probably using the 06 function code. Is there accessible documentation on doing this? Presumably I can’t just change the function code to 06 or 10 to write back the required date and time parameters.

Any help gratefully received.