How to monitor energy (kWH), peak power (W), kWh/h per device?

Hi there!
New to Home Assistant and I am trying to figure out how it works.
At the moment I haven’t installed a HA-system yet, but I am planning on how to do it.

I have a VOLTCRAFT SEM8500 Energy consumption meter. It works very well, but I sorely lack the information about peak power used. It only shows the energy used per hour. It’s great that I can export the statistics and see it in Excel, but I miss the power peak info. I am re-designing the internal energy grid and need to know how much power is used for each and every device in different scenarios. If I have high peaks it could drastically affect how I should make the design. Just last night one fuse died because several deviced maxed out at the same time.

I guess that Home Assistant can help with this, but need to know if somebody has made an installation with what I need. What kind of compatible energy/power meter have you used? It has to be a meter inserted to a socket that can read the power used. How can the statistics be exported and analyzed? Hopefully in Excel.

Thanks a lot in advance!

Hello, Have you find a solution for this? thanks!