How to monitor power consumption at home?


I know how to setup Home Assistant and I’ve been testing / using it successfully for some time.

Now I would like to be able monitor the power consumption of all my devices at home but I have no idea how or where to start and have no knowledge in electricity.

Here is a picture of my central electrical installation.

Is there any hope that some smart device could connect / read from this somehow and be integrated into Home Assistant please ?

Any help will be appreciated, thanks.


Individually or all together?

Dose that energy meter have a blinking LED on the front?

Both would be great, but I’ll start with the most simple.
Yes it has an orange blinking LED, one blink every 10 seconds maybe.

Have a read of this (it’s the same meter brand in the first photo) and see if it would be something you could do:

There’s plenty of help available in the ESPHome category.

If you wanted to monitor individual devices you could either use power monitoring smart plugs of get an electrician to install an IoTaWatt to monitor branch circuits in your switchboard.

EDIT: Having some experience with this device now I strongly advise against it.

That’s a really interesting hint, thanks !
I’ll start with that :slight_smile: