How to mount ext USB drive as media Debian/Supervised?

Hi there,
In debian supervised installation is there a way to mount external usb drive as /media so that everything is saved in there?

Actually I played a bit but I have the given up having a different approach.
I believe it’s feasible. I tell you my first steps, I myself am a beginner, therefore someone else can tell more on this.

You identify the container which run the container with dockers commands:

sudo dockers ps
sudo dockers inspect container_name 

Once you identify the container you stop and remove it

sudo dockers stop container_name 
sudo dockers rm container_name

at this point, and here I stopped, you need to restart the container, or to edit the file which starts the container adding the following line:

-v /mnt/usbdisk_db/home-assistant_v2.db:/config/home-assistant_v2.db 

to the existing ones.

Hope it helped a bit