How to mount or deploy Shelly Uni

I’m just discovering the Shelly Uni as a result of wanting to monitor the voltage on a small solar energy system at an off-the-grid greenhouse. This is very exciting.

I’m wondering if anyone has any recommendations for how to safely mount the uni?

I wonder if encapsulating it in epoxy would be okay?

Or am I better off just finding a small plastic box?


Mine is controlling my garage door and has no mounting, it just hangs there.

I certainly have my share of things just hanging (most, or least, impressively, an outdoor Ubiquity access point).

Depends on what you want your Uni be shielded or safed from. Bears, moisture, children or your wife? :rofl:

I’m using used an Uni for my car, to check the battery voltage and some other things. For this I just wrapped it in electrical tape (this is a tape specifically for cars to shield it from higher temperatures in the engine bay). Worked like a charme for nearly three years.

If I take the NY from your nic as NewYork, there are numerous 3D printing studios around, just go there, they will print you a perfect 3D case just like you want it. If you don’t have any of these shops or maker spaces around you, there are online printing shops available, where you send in what you want, they print it and you get it by mail after a few days.

Great point.

This particular Uni is going in a greenhouse, so humidity is an issue. In general, I’d like it protected from vibration and movement, so the tiny little wires don’t get broken, etc.

Anything would be better than my makeshift/excited-in-a-hurry quickie:

Fantastic. We should make a thread with the messiest setups. Hold on, I’ll get my camera…


Photos and sketches please! I’d love to see how the setup look like, and how you wire everything up. Is it documented somewhere? What’s your power source to the Shelly Uni? What are the automations you are using? I am looking for examples and ideas.

I am indeed so proud… :rofl: