How to move a Home Assistant Backup to another drive on the same system?

Hi, as the title says, I’m trying to figure out how to move a Home Assistant backup to another drive on the same system? I’m currently running from SSD, but I still have a MicroSD inserted and I want to move my backup to the MicroSD to use on another system.


Which installation type are you running?
If you say „move my backup“ do you mean a single backup to be cut & paste or do you mean that whenever you do a backup it should be stored at the SSD?

Which file system type are you using on the SSD?

I’m running a native Home Assistant OS on a Raspberry PI from a SSD. I want to move a backup I just made about an hour ago from the SSD to a MicroSD card, also installed in the Raspberry PI. I don’t know what file system it uses. I just used the official installer and formatted the SSD (mSATA) on a Mac laptop.

So on Home Assistant OS as far as I know it is not possible to natively mount an external drive/USB disk.
So the easiest way to move the Backup from your HA instance is to install the Samba Add-On and copy it form there and then on your mac to your external drive.

Alternatively there seems to be a workaorund (but I have not tried it and not sure if it works at all with whatever the default MacOS fiel system is):
[SOLVED] Mount USB drive in Hassio to be used on the Media Folder with udev customization - Configuration - Home Assistant Community (