How to move notification log files to a sub-folder?

I am going to have several notification logfiles, so I would lke to put them in a subfolder of /CONFIG/ called log_files. Is it possible?

The documentation on the file integration only mentions a filename, and I know by exeriment that that is created in /CONFIG/.

By experiment (in HA version 2024.2.2) I found

  • including a path in the filename – log_files/logtest.txt does not work, with or without a leading slash
  • Addin the key file_path: log_files/ combined with filename:logtest.txt does not work, with or without a leading slash

So, can it be done ? If so, how?

Solved it in another thread.

You can put relative or absolute pathnames in he filename value.
Note however, that the folders and files to not appear until after the first time the service is called.

See also Notification files not created. What on earth is wrong with this code?

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