How to name lights to use Google Assistant and keep your sanity?

I am a long-time user of HA and only recently decided to give a try to Google Assistant. It is set up and works.

I have a question for the ones who went through the pain: how to sensibly name your lights?

I have several areas (living room, parents’ bedroom, …) and each of them has lights. Some lights are very distinct and memorable (say, pixar), and others are the same across the rooms (say, led). To add to the complexity - I am French and the names are in French (though this does not seem to be a real problem so far).

My idea was to keep common names for the same lights, and hope that adding the area will help (switch on led at michael's or switch on led area michael). It is not a problem if this is grammatically incorrect - I would even prefer well-structured messages to teach my family something consistent. Would that work (i.e. is the area taken into account by GA when parsing the request?)

The alternative is to invent a unique name for each lamp but this will quickly be impossible to remember.

What is the scheme you used for your mansion with 7 rooms and 5 lights in each?

Maybe interesting: be aware that you can use aliases.

Walk into with room with spouse /SO…
Point at lamp and ask, “what is that called?”

That device is now forever known as ‘roomname whatever-my-wife-named-it’

Results in names like:
Master bathroom light
Master bedroom ceiling fan
Office lights
Back Office light
Guest bedroom shade…

Been doing it for years and very very rarely do I ever have a conflict or a name I can’t remember.


Do you use that light naming scheme with Google Home? Because the problem I have is that if I have a room named Livingroom, and I call the main light in that room Livingroom light (or anything other starting with livingroom) then Google always turns on all things in the room, whatever I say. I then loose the ability to turn on just the one light.

I ended up giving rooms weird names, but that too is awkward.

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I do not use Google. This works perfectly in Alexa.