How to organise my yaml

I’ve grown and spawned a load of yaml, but it is unwieldly.

As far as I can tell, I can only organise my yaml by type - e.g.

template: !include templates.yaml
schedule: !include schedules.yaml
group: !include groups.yaml
mqtt: !include mqtt.yaml
timer: !include timer.yaml
utility_meter: !include utility_meter.yaml

I’d like to reorganise this differently. For example, I have my alarm config which contains timer, schedules and binary sensors; similarly, I have my solar panel config which contain utility_meters, timers, templates and binary sensors. I’d prefer to have one yaml file for my alarm and another for my solar panels.

However, I don’t seem able to have two different locations for binary_sensors, timers etc…

Am I missing anything that enables me to organise by functionality rather than type?

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That looks like the answer! Many thanks - I’ll have a play with this