How to overcome Wireless Access Point limitation regarding number of connected device?


Currently i using a dedicated linux based Access Point to connect my ESP but facing whit an issue. There is a hardware limitation I cannot able to connect more than 8 ESP8266. I have a spare AP but that also has a 15 user limitation. I wonder how others connect there devices?

I would like to connect around 50 ESPs. Bandwidth is not a requirement.

Thank you

I use 4x Ubiquiti AP lite access points spread around the house.


I’m running Openwrt on a Linksys WRT1900ACS and I’ve got 20+ ESP devices with no issues. These are mostly Teckin RGB bulbs and switches (all reflashed to ESPhome) and a few ESP01 boards for various lighting and sensor projects. The only thing I am considering is broadening my DHCP IP range to allow more clients in general.

What’s causing the limitation? A single access point should have no issues supporting 50 wireless devices that are mostly low bandwidth.

When dealing with low bandwidth clients the limitation is probably the radio chipset’s ability to handle simultaneous connections that require encryption.

it is a chipset.
Any how i just want to find a scalable way to connect my devices and not reach a new limit in the future.

I have over 60 WiFi devices in the house. One openwrt router in the far back of the house, two old dd-wrt routers used as access point.

It is the unfortunate truth that some AP’s have a limitation of 16 or 32 devices. My ISP supplied modem/router/AP is limited to 16.

The AP part is now turned off and I use 3 ubuquiti APs.

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