How to override webostv component?


As webostv is now separate platform like media_player platform and it contains file in it, I don’t know how to override the original one, with my own.

Reading this:

Example: if I look up the hue component, and it is provided by a custom component, then all platform lookups will also be looked up in the custom component dir. The same works the other way around, if a user would only try to override hue/ but not hue/ , the custom platform will be ignored.

What should I do?

Should I create new folder in custom_components called media_player and put in it or I should create folder webostv and put in it?
Also I want to preserve the current code for media_player, so if it is changed in future I don’t get errors and things broken (just for webostv component, because I have other things that are using the original media_player). Should I put the media_player code in


No suggestions?