How to pair this Tuya temp sensor to Z2M?

I got zigbee ZN37318601 temp sensors from aliexpress. But I have no idea how to pair it with HA via Zigbee2Mqtt because I don’t see any pairing button. When I but batteries, the light on front flashes, but that’s it. Any ideas?

In the 3rd image, that looks like a pin hole at the top. Possibly for a pin switch reset?

There should be a pinhole in one of the long sides (the side not on the pictures) Press it until the led keeps red, then release

Assuming it is this one

There was a pinhole at the top that was quite small to be noticed. Used that to pair and it works.

Note - after pairing (pressing paper clip thru the hole for >5 sec) battery is reported either 0% or unknown. You need to press the pinhole again after pairing to get correct reading.