How to pass room association to "homebridge" plugin

Hi all,

I can’t find any information on how to pass “room association” (i.e.: which room a switch or sensor belong to) in HomeKit.

I know how to make it hidden in homebridge or how to pass a name I want to use in customize.yaml

homebridge_name: Ofice Lights
homebridge_hidden: true

But every time, I restart homebridge all devices being re-assinged to a “default” or “house” room. And I can’t figure out how to make the room association to stick.

Is it possible to do in Home Assistant? Or on the homebridge side? There must be others that experience the same issue.

I just started using “groups” hoping that would help if I were to group entities into groups that have same name as my rooms on the homebridge side, but it did not work… Now everything I knew to try is exhausted.


I am interested in this as well since a reset of homekit has happened a couple of times this year and would lower the threshold to actually set everything up again.

But I don’t think there is support for this today. I don’t even know if Homebridge or homekit has the possibility to do this at all

Hello I am interested as well.
Has anyone find a solution?