How to play a Playlist from Spotify on Homepod?

Hi, I currently have a Synology docker running for about one month and using HomeKit as the frontend for home assistant.

At the beginning, I switched to HA just for the hope that I can use HomePods to play Spotify without using airplay, but I got extremely frustrated after trying for a month but still failed.

I have installed Forked DAAPD from Ulrar’s hassio addons, but Raspotify isn’t available on my so I can’t use it as a pipe to work with Forked DAAPD.

Then I tried to install libspotify but can’t find any tutorial for installing it on Synology docker.

I am still looking for another way… Should I give up trying and wait until HomePod supports Spotify?

Or anyone can give me other advices?

Many Thanks !!