How to play a Playlist from Spotify on Kodi?

I am installing Kodi on a RPI that will be on a control room, and then I will multiplex the output sound to several speakers around the house, so I want to use the RPI just as a Spotify player.

I am trying to control a playlist I have and play it on Kodi, and I looked as a reference to the post:

I would like to know if I can do the same. The difference is that Spotiffy is an Addon and it does not appear as a normal music playlist on Kodi.

The other thing that might work is making an script that runs spotify on Kodi, and then use the Spotify component to control it.

Thank you!

Have you considered using Logitech Media Server? I use this in my house with Spotify. You have a central server and clients that’ll run on anything, including RPis. You can have different music sent to different players, or you can sync several players.

found this:

Using the Pi as a standalone server.

You should (also) be able to do stuff like this with mopidy / mpd:

To get Spotify on Kodi, if you have a Windows or Mac device, you can add Spotify to Kodi via Add-ons Way. It easily to operate. If you have an interested, please refer to this tutorial: How to Get Spotify on Kodi for Free.