How to play local media with service call?

Nice job to all the folks who contributed to the Media Browser and enabling the /media path in the 0.115 release! I’ve uploaded some files to my HA instance and I can browse/play them via the HA UI with various Google media players I have in my home.

I looked at the docs for the Media Source and Google Cast integrations and I didn’t see any indication of how to play these files with a service call, and the examples on those pages don’t seem to use this new functionality.

Is there a way to play a file from the new /media location via a service call? e.g. using media_player.play_media or similar to cast a local file to a Google cast device?

As an example, I was contemplating having the Nest mini in my kids’ bedroom play Reveille at full volume if motion is not detected in their bathroom within 5min after they’re supposed to get up to get ready for school :slight_smile:

I would also be interested, but I did not find how to play from the media folder. It can be played from the local (www) folder

I asked that question too. More than once.
I never got an answer so I am assuming it isn’t possible…

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Thanks @klogg - I missed your thread(s) when searching. Looks like the local (www) solution works for now, but I agree, the /media solution would be cleaner.