How to play MP3 from HA to a tablet?

i have mp3 files on HAOSS. plays mp3 files perfectly fine to the Sonos.

i also have the HA app installed on tablets. is it possible to play mp3s to the tablet as well?
i see the tablets listed here but when i hit Call Service, no sound comes out of the tablets.

What integration are you using on the tablet, ie what media player?

in my HA, i have these samsung tablets (dont really use the ipad)

on the tablets, i have the HA app and VLC

I didn’t think the companion app provided a media player? Or are you using vlc on the tablet?

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i have the VLC on tablet to play media.
the HA companion app cannot do media, or at least i’ve never used it to play anything on the tablet.

OK so the question boils down to “how to I play an mp3 to vlc”

Does it work if you play to just the tablet, without the family room media player too?

Family room = Sonos in the living room. so yes, HA can tell the Sonos to play that mp3 file.
on the samsung tablet, i can manually open VLC, go to the HA’s folder, find file and hit play. but HA core 2022.09 cant autoplay the mp3 on the tablet at all

I believe some users on the forum have been successful at controlling the VLC app using a notification command with the companion app.

The mobile_app integration does not provide a media_player entity so controlling another app from HA is the way to do it.

that’s a shame.
believe it or not, TTS was working fine. i was able to tell HA to say anything via Google to the tablet. but now, that’s gone when i updated to 2022.09
now, im trying to play mp3 files to alert instead of google tts

this is incorrect, did you make sure to read the change log prompt when you updated the tablet? The format changed. Go ahead and check the companion docs for updated format.

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you are amazing!!!
works now.
here’s my code once i adapted to your link

service: notify.mobile_app_tab2nd_black
  message: "TTS"
    tts_text: "Motion has been detected"
    media_stream: "alarm_stream_max"
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side question…suppose the tablet is connected via a bluetooth headset. if i do a TTS, i wont hear it because im not wearing the headset.
is there a way to force the tablet to play TTS through the tablet’s speaker?

by default TTS will use the music stream, if you force alarm_stream like you did above that will bypass the music stream which is what gets sent to the headset. Really depends on the device if that will work or not though.

The new fully kiosk browser integration has a media player, although limited (see warning)

See Fully Kiosk Browser - Home Assistant

Interesting the warning is about 2 features missing from fully kiosk but available on the android app

The Fully Kiosk Browser app does not provide feedback on the device volume or media playback status, so we are unable to display the current volume level or playback status.

the app provides volume sensors and media session sensor

Perhaps combine using Universal Media Player - Home Assistant

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