How to play multiple tracks / whole album using HA

Hi All,

Havr tried for far too long to try and get this to work myself, and have failed (miserably) to make any inroads so am asking for help.
I have HA in a docker container on a Synology NAS. My music is accessible via media browser, and can sucessfully play any one track to a range of Google Speakers - however cannot for the life of me figure out out to play an entire album.
Have tried using Roon in another container - but it would not see the Google speakers. Have seen other posts referring to LMS but not sure if thats what I need?
Has anyone made this happen? If so, can you share how?

thanks in advance,


I have the same Question. Has anybody figured this out?


Not that I know of…I ended up using this integration, using youtube music - not ideal, but it serves it’s purpose