How to Play Spotify on Sonos via Home Assistant

I am trying to play the Spotify media player component on my Sonos, both configured and working fine individually on my Home Assistant, but Sonos doesn’t shows in my Spotify “Source” list, nor Spotify shows in my Sonos “Source” list (actually, my Sonos “Source” list is empty…)
Does anyone knows how to make them talk to each other?
Should my sonos source list have anything there? (I have Spotify, Google Music, Soundcloud and Pocket Casts added to my Sonos app)

Have you found a solution to this yet?

If not, I think this could be something to help you:

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Sorry to bother you. I want to know in the spotify configuration, under aliases the abc123de456 <== is this the mac address of the device or what is it?

  - platform: spotify
    client_id: <your client id>
    client_secret: <your client secret>
        abc123def456: 'Living Room'   <=== abc123def456 <== is this the mac address of the living room speaker?
        9183abas000: 'Bed Room'  <=== 9183abas000  <== is this the mac address of the bed room speaker?

Did you resolve this?

Yes. I currently, use from here which I have multiple devices to play spotify.

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And Sonos in the source list?

Very interesting. I just want to be able to order GA to play something from spotify to Sonos. Apparently no support… yet.

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