How to post a diagram from Grafana on an external website

I am currently migrating from OpenHAB to HA and I have one function that I have problems migrating.
HW is HA Blue on Odroid-N2.

In OH I am able to post the diagram using the function sshpass in a script that fires every hour.
I first build a command-file and then run that using sshpass that establishes an sftp-connection to the website and uploads the .jpg file.

I cannot find the sshpass function on the terminal for the Blue.
Could someone please suggest a way forward?

Also, a side question - Does HA Blue run Docker?

Use SSH keys rather than user/password.

OK, thank you for the swift reply, but I need some more info. I’m still a noob when it comes to HA.
Where to put the script to start with.
Also, do I need to install something to get access to ssh?

Nothing to do with HA, this is pure SSH.
sshpass is just a wrapper over ssh itself that allow usage of passwords in scripted usage.

SSH itself is basically always available, including in a HA docker container.

Check the bazillion threads here for how to use SSH with keys.